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Welcome to
Pet Lodge, LLC

Brad and Deb Krommendyk
3130 330th Street , Hull, IA 51239
Ph. 712-441-0107

Why choose K-DOGS? Because your dog is not just a dog, they are part of your family and we will  treat them like part of ours! Because when you are away, you want to know that someone is thinking about them.  Have they had any playtime? Have they had a walk? Has anyone given them any attention?  We don't simply let them out, feed and water them. We "LOVE" them while you are away. If this sounds like your kind of boarding facility. WELCOME!!

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Who Are We?

We are a simple bunch.  We love our God, our family, and our dogs! A few years ago now, we found ourselves lucky enough to be the proud new owners of an acreage!  We had also recently fallen in love with our oversized "mini" bernedoodle!  We couldn't find anyone local to board our 90 pound baby!!... Our vision was born!

Your Dog's Accommodations


Indoor/Outdoor Runs

 Our indoor/outdoor runs are a huge hit with both the pets we work with and their owners. The indoor is kept at room temperature year around and outside they can get a feel for country living! 


Outdoor Play Areas

We know leaving your pet in the care of someone else can be a difficult and stressful situation, not only for your pet, but for YOU! K-Dogs is here for both of you :) From drop off, to pick up, our goal is to make you and your pup feel comfortable.  We take the time to get to know your pup's personality and their love language. Whether it be playtime, walks, cuddles, quiet time, or maybe the occasional treat?! Our goal is that you both are excited to come back again! We have two fenced in yards, both have synthetic turf.  We utilize both to give dogs a chance to play with friends with a similar play style.


Indoor Play Areas

Indoor Play Areas are needed when you operate a pet lodge in the Midwest. Rain, Snow or Shine, your furry family members get lots of attention in climate controlled play areas 365 days a year!


Drop off and Pick up hours:


      Regular CHECK IN hours:

                7:30am – 8:30am             Monday – Friday               

                4:30pm – 5:30pm            Monday – Friday               


Regular CHECK OUT hours:                                                                                          

                7:30am – 8:30am             Monday – Friday                                         

LATE CHECK OUT HOURS: (additional $10.00)                         

               4:30pm – 5:30pm             Monday – Friday        


Saturday/Sunday and Holiday pick up

We know your schedules are hectic, and we will work with you when we can.  All off hours, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday drop off and pick ups will acquire an additional 10 dollar fee.  On Saturdays and Sundays, we typically offer 8am or 5:00pm appointments.

But Why?

Why have hours? I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED :)   I too have boarded my babies. I like to see the person. give them any last tidbits, make sure my baby is being handed to "someone" and not just left in a kennel.  A kennel where 95 percent of the time they now have a nervous tummy and have to go potty! This is why we always take them outside first to explore their new environment and give them some love. Additionally, the dogs get used to us and our schedule.  Yes it is very loud when they all want to get out or get fed, but between time they are all settled and very quiet.  The pups then have a time to rest, eat, relax. You know how some dogs react when someone comes to your door? Now imagine 20 of them doing that at once? It would be a very frightening thing to have to endure if you were the timid pup just trying to enjoy your vacation. So.... why hours? Because I am a dog lover. Do it for the dogs. :)


Each new day, brings a new furry friend!

What requirements does K-DOGS have?

We require that all dogs over the age of 6 months be spayed or neutered.  We also require current record of DHPP, Rabies, and Bordatella.  We ask that your pet be current on flea and tick preventative.

What do I need to bring along with my pet?

The only thing we require, is their own food in a sealed container.  You are welcome to bring any toys or comfort items, just remember, they are going to be unsupervised with these items, so please keep your pets safety in mind first! You know them best and know what they can and can not handle being alone with!

How many times a day does my dog get out?

A minimum of 4. Even when we are filled to capacity, each dog gets out morning, noon, late afternoon, and before bed.  We like for each of them to get some love or some exercise during each of these times.  We get to know the dogs and get to know what their love language is! Whether it is a walk around the pasture, one on one snuggle time, or a great game of fetch, we make sure that each dog gets more than just a potty break!

What kind of spaces do you have available?

We have indoor/outdoor runs.  We can control whether the doggy door is functional or not, so when it is cold or if we are not confident a dog is efficient at getting in and out, we can simply keep them shut. The interior kennel is 4x6 and the exterior kennel is 4x8.  In addition we have over-sized crates for some pups who feel more comfortable in a cozy space.

Can my dogs share a run?

We do allow dogs from the same household to share a run. We require that they are comfortable eating together.

What are your rates?

We charge 30 dollars a night.  Each additional dog in the same space is 20 dollars. We require the dogs be able to eat together when they board together.  
When your dog is boarded with us, TLC, walks, playgroups,  treats, are all included!! 
An additional 10 dollar fee will be charged for late check outs, off hours, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday appointments.

Doggy Playgroups... tell me more.

Doggy playgroups are completely optional.  It is an opportunity for like mannered dogs to enjoy some off leash playtime in a social setting always under supervision.  We understand that this is not for every dog, but the ones who love it LOVE it! We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

How do I make a reservation?

So glad you asked! There are a few forms that we need on file here along with current vaccination records.  These forms can be found on my Facebook page or on this website. You could also call 712-441-0107 or email


Click on the doc link below to download and fill out. 

**When you have finished filling out the document,

please EMAIL to

K-DOGS is more than a job for me. It is a passion. I am blessed to get to do what I do each day. Thank you for trusting me with your furry family members!


Contact Me

3130 330th St, Hull, IA 51239, United States

(712) 441-0107

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